About Us

Our brains are uniquely shaped by all of our experiences in the world around us. Yet we do not understand how education practices, approaches, and experiences impact the brains of children.

Formed in early 2018 and still very much in its formational stages, the main aim of the Cluster is to fuse neuroscience and child learning research into one novel discipline: educational neuroscience and healthy child development. We are bringing together researchers from previously independent disciplines (i.e. neuroscience, psychology, education to name a few) to have a widespread impact on children, educators, families, and researchers, ultimately improving the educational experiences of children in BC and beyond. 

Current research at UBC is just starting to demonstrate new ways of understanding the neurodiversity of children as learners.  Connecting this new research to existing knowledge in psychology and education in an interdisciplinary research program, has the potential to significantly alter how we support children in their learning.  It also has important implications for how we train and support teachers.  Our goal is to transform how we educate our children and ourselves, and further to improve overall child health.

 The Cluster is led by Drs. Lara Boyd, Kim Schonert-Reichl and Rachel Webber. Initial members of the Cluster include representation from at least four UBC faculties and also from international research institutes.